Russia Account Based Ticket System

AuroTransit was selected to provide onboard bus ticketing for the cities of Sochi and Starvapol along with its partner Lanit, which is one of the largest IT companies in Russia. 

Scope of Work

  • Products or Services Provided: Onboard Validators: 1300  accepting EMV contactless cards, QR code ticket on Mobile and NFC using Mobile and wearables
  • Fare media: Contactless EMV cards, QR code on mobile, NFC
  • Transactions: 500,000 transaction per day (300,000 on contactless cards; 200,000 on Mobile)
  • Design and Supply of the Validators, Training for Installation, and commissioning
  • AMC support provided on Validators till date
  • The bus ticketing has been further extended to Saratov and cities in Turkmenistan. At present AuroTransit has more than 3000+ Validators on field

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