On board Validators for buses in Lima, Peru

AuroTransit implemented a NCMC RuPay CSC & QR based AFC system and has provided all Station level equipments and Backoffice.

Scope of Work

Total Solution including Hardware and Software Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and 10 years of Maintenance across 31 stations including interoperability to feeder vehicles and parking.

  • 250 Automatic Flap Gates
  • 65 Ticket Readers
  • 300 Gate Validators
  • 35 TVM
  • 100 TOM
  • AFCS Backoffice connecting the Banks Acquiring for Banking issued Card; QR ticket; Cash
  • 900 ETIMS for Buses
  • Mobile application for purchase issuance and validation of QR ticket
  • RuPay Kernel to SBI

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