Nigeria Railway

AuroTransit has partnered with SecureID for the Nigeria Railway Project to provide E-Ticketing solutions. Currently, the project is live between Abuja to Kaduna for 5 stations where the passenger can book tickets via mobile app and online reservation system. The project is live from January 2021.

Scope of Work

  • AFCS Gate Validators (Embedded Validators) to read contactless smart card for
  • EMV, Cipruse (Local Standard – Cowry)
  • Ticket Office Machines (TOM) for issuance and top-up of
  • Cashless Add Value Machine
  • Handheld Inspector Devices (Mobile inspection devices)
  • Backoffice AFC system
  • AMC for hardware and software
  • Mobile Application for QR ticketing
  • Booking Application (Web Portal) for ticketing for NationalRailway
  • Design, Supply, train to Install and commission the system

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