Maldives ABT

AuroTransit has partnered with Mastercard and Bank of Maldives and has been approved by Maldives Transportation contracting company MTCC  to implement and digitize an EMV Open-loop Account-based ticketing system across islands of Maldives.

Scope of Work

  • Onboard Validators to read EMV contactless smart card, Contactless Mobile and QR ticket for Ferry, High Speed Ferries, Bus operations
  • Ticket checker machines with printer for  penalty and receipt
  • Ticket office machines for issuance and top up of card at Ferry terminals and Bus depots
  • Online Reservation portal  for booking and scheduling
  • AFCS Account Based EMV Open loop Central management system
  • Mobile ticketing using bank payment gateway and wallets
  • Integration to Mastercard MPGS
  • Vehicle location, Passenger Information system and Fleet management
  • Fare Media: QR ticket, EMV Contactless smart card
  • Design, Develop, Supply, Commission, and  Train for installation

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